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Dry Cleaning by EasyLaundry

Experience a new way to dry clean. We’ll pick it up from your doorstep and return it 2 days later,* at a similar price as your usual cleaner.

No delivery fees, no forgetting to run to the cleaners to get your clothes, no more missing their hours because you’re working late.

Just clean clothes at the touch of a button.

Save BIG on our Laundered Shirt Packages!

Do you like your button-down shirts fresh and clean? Then you should try one of our Laundered Shirt packages!

Simply purchase one of our packages to save big. Shirt credits don’t expire, and you can use as many or as few of them at a time as you like.

10 Shirts for $29.99 - Only $2.99 each!
35 Shirts for $95.00 - Only $2.71 each!

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Dry Cleaning Price List:

Common Items:

  • Men's Laundered Shirts $3.19
  • Pants $6.79
  • Jacket $6.49
  • Blouse $6.29
  • Dress $11.99

Other Items:

  • 2 pc. Suit $11.99
  • Blazer $6.49
  • Blouse $6.29
  • Coat (Heavy) $11.99+
  • Dress $11.99
  • Lab Coat $6.99
  • Jacket $6.49
  • Jeans $6.99
  • Pants $6.79
  • Shirt, Laundered $3.19
  • Shirt, Dry Clean $6.29
  • Shorts $5.99
  • Skirt $6.29
  • Sweater $6.99
  • Tie $4.99
  • Vest $6.29

Don't see your item listed? Send us an email for a quote at info@easylaundry.net

How it Works

  1. Place an order on the web

    or with our app.
  2. Leave your laundry and dry cleaning on your doorstep (or bring it to work with you for office delivery).
  3. We pick up your clothes and care for them according to your preferences.
  4. We deliver your clothes back to you, clean and folded!

Questions: Send an email to info@easylaundry.net