Easy Laundry - Point. Click. Clean. From Your Smart Phone or on the Web


We promise to do your laundry right, every time. That's why we offer a variety of detergents, softeners, and other preferences for you to choose from.

Each wash & fold order is cleaned with complementary Gain detergent and dried on medium heat with dryer sheets. We also hang up certain items, including collared shirts, trousers, and other items that generally should be put on hangers. All of this at no extra cost to you!

Of course, we have many other options available to you! Here is a complete list of the preferences you have to choose from. To change your preferences, click here.

Gain: FREE!
Tide: $0.10/lb
ALL FREE & CLEAR: $0.10/lb

Gain: FREE!
Colorsafe Bleach: FREE!
Liquid Bleach: $0.05/lb

Dryer Sheets:
No Dryer Sheets: FREE!
Dryer Sheets: FREE!

Fabric Softener:
No Fabric Softener: FREE!
Snuggle: $0.03/lb
Downy: $0.03/lb

Hanging Preferences:
Hang Blouses, Dress Shirts, Dress Pants, etc: FREE!
Hang Everything: $0.10/lb
Fold Everything: $0.05/lb

Drying Temperature:
Medium: FREE!
Low: $0.11/lb

How it Works

  1. Place an order on the web

    or with our app.
  2. Leave your laundry and dry cleaning on your doorstep (or bring it to work with you for office delivery).
  3. We pick up your clothes and care for them according to your preferences.
  4. We deliver your clothes back to you, clean and folded!

Questions: Send an email to info@easylaundry.net